Subsurface Exploration

CG2 Exploration, LLC is a unique company that is affiliated with Carolinas Geotechnical Group, PLLC. Our businesses are united through common ownership, making them a key partner in many of our projects. 

CG2 Exploration, LLC provides geotechnical and environmental subsurface exploration in addition to land clearing services to our company and many others in the same industry. We have extensive experience throughout the southeast, from Georgia to Virginia and many states in between. We employ licensed well drillers in North and South Carolina, as well as DOT CDL drivers who are HAZWOPER trained. Combined, our team has over 70 years of drilling experience. 

Our staff are also highly trained to operate all of the equipment we have displayed on our website with very few exceptions. If you’re interested in learning more about CG2 Exploration LLC, and how we can assist your next project, contact us today.



  • Standard Penetration Testing
  • Cone Penetration Testing
  • Pressuremeter
  • Rock Coring


  • Type II and Type III Well Construction and Abandonment
  • Recovery Well Construction
  • Soil Sampling
  • Auger, Mud Rotary, and Air Rotary capabilities

Land Clearing

  • We use the equipment to provide access to our drill crews and field crews on wooded or heavily vegetated sites. Typically, we create a 10-12-foot-wide path snaking through the woods to allow equipment and crew to access test locations.
  • We have also provided the service to clean up underbrush and saplings to areas to be treated as greenspace.


Land Clearing

CAT 299D3

Forestry Mulcher
CAT 299D3

The Cat® 299D3 XE Land Management Compact Track Loader’s powerful Cat C3.9 engine and high-flow/high-pressure auxiliary hydraulic system are ideal for high-performance help when confronted with vegetation management. From mulching, to brush-cutting, mowing, and vegetation control, this segment-focused machine and its hydro-mechanical attachments will get the job done efficiently and dependably.
Loftness Battle Ax Mulcher

Loftness Battle Ax Mulcher

Backed by Loftness’ legendary customer support and large dealer network, the S Series Battle Ax is the best mulching head around. Its unique rotor design and Loftness exclusive two-stage cutting chamber optimize mulching performance, while its compact track loaders are designed for skid steers. It’s easy to see why this unique design delivers higher performance than other bite-limiting rotors on the market.

Dozer Clearing

We use state-of-the-art clearing equipment such as the 450J and similar comparable machines. These machines offer a variety of features including excellent ground pressure (4 to 7 psi), an operating weight up to 20,000 pounds, impressive horsepower (75 to 100 hp) and variable blade width (90 to 110 inches). The dozers are serviced regularly and well-maintained so clients can be certain that they will provide proven performance.

Temporary Bridging

We use sturdy and dependable temporary bridging to create access across creeks and drainage. Our bridges can cover up to 14 feet in width, making them a critical asset to many of our projects.

Geotechnical and Environmental


Diedrich D-50 Remote Track

The Diedrich D-50 Remote Track is an all-purpose drill rig designed for soil and rock explorations. It can be equipped with augers, rotary tools, or core drilling tools, and is rated from 125 feet to 250 feet depth with hollow stem or continuous flight augers up to 14 inches hole size, or 1000 linear feet of core drilling using N series tools.


The CME-550X Rubber Tire ATV Mounted drill does not need perfect weather or an access road to operate effectively, giving you saving valuable time and money. Thanks to its low ground bearing pressure and high flotation, you can get through mud, snow, sand and rocks, all with less damage to the terrain. The hydraulic feed and retract system provide 28,275 pounds of down pressure. Plus, it’s dependable rotary drive provides 9,080-foot pounds of rotary torque plus high rotation speeds

Mobile B-29 Truck-Mounted Rig

The Mobile B-29 Truck-Mounted rig is a multi-purpose drill rig designed for geotechnical and environmental work. It can be used with a hollow –stem augers, SPT, coring, rotary, and down-the-hole testing applications. The B-29 also possesses capabilities of hollow-stem augering up to 100 ft (30 m), continuous flight augers up to 6 inch, plus rock core drilling up to 300 feet reverse circulation of 3-¾ inch and other impressive capabilities that are an incredible asset to many projects.
Test Pit

Test Pits

Test pits are dug to ascertain that the ground conditions and soil composition are suitable for building projects before breaking ground. When digging test pits we utilize powerful equipment like the 130 P-Tier Mid-Size Excavator or other comparable equipment, that can dig anywhere from 3 to 15 feet deep. Our excavators have bucket ranges from 24 inches’ to 42 inches’, have minimum ground pressure ranging from 4 to 6 psi, and have an operating weight of up to 35,000 pounds. The excavators are serviced regularly and well-maintained so clients can be certain that they will provide proven performance.

Specialty Geotechnical Testing

Vertek CPT

Cone Penetrometer Test

The Cone Penetrometer Test is field portable and incorporates USB for ease of connectivity, a digital CPT probe, and unlimited data for storage, making it ideal for determining if subsoiling will be beneficial to your project, and if so, at what depth the subsoiler should be set.

There are many additional advantages of using a digital CPT probe over test borings, including improved measurements of critical geotechnical design parameters, continuous data for soil profiles, an improved ability to obtain site-specific shear wave velocity data for an improved seismic site design, and evaluation of liquefaction potential, and the capacity for seismic testing to be performed at discrete intervals. Since the CPT code is in direct contact with the soil (as opposed to having to go through soil, grout, and casing using conventional, non-CPT methods) there is no medium change for the source wave to pass through. This results in a signal that is clearer and easier to interpret. CPT also does not generate cuttings, leading to less environmental impact, and negates having to clean large augers like you would with conventional drilling. In general, using a digital CPT probe can be a more cost-effective method for projects—especially in deeper holes—than conventional drilling.

The Cone Penetrometer Test also comes equipped with a Data Acquisition System (DAS), and works with all digital HT cones. Plus, it charts measurements in real-time using high-resolution graphics that can be processed and presented on the field, so that you can get the most accurate results in a timely and easy-to-read manner. It can also help you collect necessary data in a few hours as opposed to days—saving valuable time and resources. Last but certainly not least, the Cone Penetrometer Test also comes with several optional preset warnings to ensure safety.



The TEXAMe Pressuremeter is a rugged, reliable, easy-to-use, and versatile instrument that can be utilized for various ground engineering applications. It features a manually-controlled hydraulic loading system that ensures unload-reload cycles are easy and that operation of the equipment is readily repeatable. This Pressuremeter also has a readout unit consisting of the D/P Box unit operated with an Android tablet. Using a special application, you can use your table to configure the tests and calibrations, to read and plot the test results in real-time, to log the data, and to review tests results. This gives us the ability to provide more accurate estimates for settlement and bearing capacity of both shallow and deep foundations. By using the PMT, you can save 50% to 65% of construction cost when shallow foundations are used in lieu of deep foundations (FHWA NHI-06-089).
Vane Shear

Hand-Held Field Vane Shear Tester

The Hand-Held Field Vane Shear Tester is a critical tool for field testing. This particular model has three vane sizes to allow for direct determination of undrained shear strength of soft to sift clays. It can take readings of shear strength to depths of 3 meters (10 ft) and has a cross handle to both push the vane to the desired depth and to apply the shearing torque. The Hand-Held Field Vane Shear Tester also has a dummy probe to replace the vane to correct for skin friction of the extension rods and also performs a skin friction test adjacent to the vane test location. By taking accurate field tests, you can develop more accurate plans for your specific project, saving valuable time, money, and resources.

Standard Penetration Test Auto-Hammer Efficiency

The SPT Analyzer determines how much energy is transferred by SPT hammers into an instrumented SPT rod during a Standard Penetration Test (SPT). Users can easily adjust the measured N-Value, which compensates for the variable efficiencies from different SPT rigs and hammer types—improving the reliability of soil strength estimates used in geotechnical designs. The SPT Analyzer can provide quick testing results thanks to its simplified reporting and analysis options.
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